Easy Trigger


Easy Trigger is a MR compatible Doppler-ultrasound device, which was developed to trigger the heart frequency of adults and fetuses (in utero) for cardiovascular MR imaging. This is the first and only MR compatible Doppler-ultrasound device. The MR compatible Doppler-ultrasound device is easier and faster in the application compared to the established method ECG. One benefit is to save examination time. The recorded Doppler signal is more stable, especially in patients with pleural or pericardial effusions. Compared to ECG it is advantageous at higher field strengths. In addition, the Doppler-ultrasound device offers a larger range of applications. It opens the possibility to perform fetal cardiovascular MR imaging with anatomical and functional information’s (ejection fraction) of the fetal heart. The in utero detection of cardiovascular anomalies is important for therapeutically planning. Companies that develop medical instruments could use the MR compatible Doppler-ultrasound device as a basis to develop hybrid ultrasound MR imaging systems.

Easy Trigger applied to a fetus

Easy Trigger applied to a fetus.

Easy Trigger applied to an adult

Easy Trigger applied to an adult.


Easy Trigger has been awarded as the most innovative medical technology development with the German High Tech Champions Award in Medical Imaging of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the BMBF.


The scientific results have been published in international peer-reviewed journals:

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